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Q&A: Luisa Silva, Head of Marketing

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What is your role at Capitalixe? 

I took on the role of Head of Marketing at Capitalixe earlier this year with the mission to propel our company along the path of exponential growth. I’m leading our marketing endeavours, all aimed at broadening our reach, amplifying brand recognition, and strengthening the unique value we bring to the market. 

My primary goal is to assist high-risk industries in discovering our company and connecting them with our expert counsel to obtain the tailored financial services they often struggle to access. This entails creating tailored marketing campaigns, crafting captivating narratives, honing our messaging, and harnessing all kinds of media channels to effectively articulate our value proposition, driving demand and new prospective clients to our consulting team.  

From corporate and employee marketing to long-form content, social media, and events, my aim is to establish Capitalixe as a thought leader in the fintech space, while positioning our brand as the go-to partner for high-risk businesses seeking innovative and reliable solutions. I work closely with the founders and all our teams to ensure that our marketing efforts line up with our business goals.  


What does a typical workday look like for you? 

There’s hardly a typical work day in my role as the Head of Marketing at Capitalixe – it’s always dynamic and ever-changing, with many fronts to tackle. 

Even though our growth has been remarkable, we still retain that startup spirit and the fast-paced fintech industry constantly offers new opportunities. While certain responsibilities adhere to routine timelines, I’m ever attuned to seizing new growth opportunities as they arise. 

Despite the remarkable growth rate, we’re still at the startup stage and the fintech industry is fast-paced and in constant evolution, which presents exciting opportunities on a regular basis. While certain tasks adhere to regular timelines, I’m always ready to jump on exciting new opportunities as they arise. 

It is my responsibility to ensure that Capitalixe’s long-term vision and mission remain the driving force behind our marketing efforts. To achieve this, I prioritise tasks and projects based on the evolving demands of our business at each moment. 


What inspired you to join our fintech consulting team specialising in payments and banking solutions? 

The fintech industry doesn’t just keep pace with change–it thrives on it. It serves as the meeting point of swift technological advancements and a transformative impact on economic systems. What truly captivates me about fintech is its role in fostering inclusivity and democratization on a global scale. 

The unique proposition of Capitalixe lies in our ability to make a substantial difference for medium to high-risk sectors. When they encounter financial service roadblocks elsewhere, we act as their bridge to regulated and reliable solutions. By empowering businesses grappling with intricate financial challenges, we actively participate in a transformative process with the potential to benefit virtually everyone. 


What are the most rewarding aspects of your role at Capitalixe? 

The vibrant startup atmosphere, a culture of open-minded experimentation and iteration, and the close collaboration with the whole team make Capitalixe a great place for personal growth on all levels. 

One of the most gratifying aspects of my role at Capitalixe is the autonomy I enjoy to shape marketing strategies and initiatives. Observing the immediate, tangible results of implementing novel practices or optimising existing ones is immensely fulfilling. Operating within a tight-knit team fosters seamless collaboration, enabling efficient communication and agile decision-making all throughout. 

Especially rewarding is recognising that my work plays a part in shaping the corporate culture Capitalixe is building. Our dedication to work-life balance, diversity and inclusion, transparency, integrity and accountability, are core values I deeply resonate with.

Adding an extra layer to my work here is the privilege of working closely with our co-founders, Ivan Kovachev and Lissele Praat, and supporting them in shaping the future of our company as well as their personal journey. Notably, Lissele’s recognition as a prominent figure in fintech, celebrated in her commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion and her leadership in numerous projects and public engagements, is a constant source of inspiration.


What challenges do you face when providing payments and banking consulting services for high-risk industries? 

Servicing high-risk industries presents several significant challenges. Chief among them is the lack of standardised regulatory frameworks and their volatility across jurisdictions. For example, compliance requirements that differ across regions and industries can hinder our ability to offer a consistent solution worldwide. This requires the identification and collaboration with multiple partners to cater to the same industry in diverse geographic areas. 

As we place a premium on credibility and regulatory adherence, our commitment to exclusive partnerships with regulated financial institutions further constrains our roster of potential service providers. As such, our paramount ongoing endeavour centres around expanding and diversifying our global network of partners, allowing us to effectively navigate the complex terrain of high-risk industries and deliver dependable solutions. 


What excites you the most about the advancements in fintech and their impact on payments and banking? 

As someone innately drawn to industries propelled by cutting-edge technology, the advancements in fintech continue to captivate my interest. Staying abreast of market developments demands constant research, fostering personal growth and financial acumen. 

My prior experience in fintech, particularly in crypto payments, served as a gateway into the world of finance. I am particularly enthusiastic about the concepts like ownership, making finance accessible to everyone, and promoting financial inclusion. I truly believe that no individual or legitimate business should be left behind, advocating for accessible systems that empower everyone to manage their finances effectively. 


What motivates you to exceed expectations for your clients in the payments and banking industry, even in the face of obstacles? 

Capitalixe’s mission is all about helping businesses find payments and banking solutions tailored to their unique needs. We understand how challenging it can be, especially in the crowded fintech world. Searching, negotiating, and setting up with new service providers takes time. By simplifying this process for high-risk businesses grappling with complex regulatory hurdles, we provide real value to our clients. 

Our partnership-based model means we only succeed when our clients do, so it’s a win-win scenario. The high levels of satisfaction among our existing clients, evident in retention rates and referrals, inspire me to continually raise the bar. 


What are the key insights or lessons learned from working at Capitalixe? 

Working at Capitalixe has illuminated the essential truth that our capacity to embrace and thrive amidst change is what sets us apart and positions us at the forefront of the fintech and high-risk industries. Change is the only constant and the very essence of our existence.

In the ever-changing world of fintech, we’ve seen a continuous stream of new financial services emerging, each with promises of innovation and efficiency. Regulatory changes and updates are the norm in this industry, not the exception. These shifts not only impact the way we operate but also redefine the boundaries of what is possible to offer. We have to be flexible and ready to pivot as the industry and regulations change. So, being adaptable and staying informed 

The key lesson learned is that adaptability and staying ahead of the curve are a ‘make-it-or-break-it’ in connecting fintech and high-risk industries. Being agile and responsive to emerging trends and regulations is non-negotiable.


What do you believe sets Capitalixe apart and makes it so unique? 

Capitalixe sets itself apart through its deep knowledge and expertise in payments and banking systems. This laser-focused specialisation empowers us to provide consulting and solutions finely attuned to the unique needs of businesses. 

We excel in devising solutions that account for industry verticals, transaction volumes, customer preferences, and growth trajectories. This level of customization translates into improved efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced customer experiences. Additionally, our proficiency in integrating diverse payment systems, banking platforms, and third-party services into a cohesive ecosystem simplifies processes, reduces operational complexity, and enhances overall efficiency for businesses. 

Our comprehensive understanding of compliance requirements enables us to assist businesses in navigating complex regulatory landscapes. positions us as an invaluable guide in helping businesses navigate intricate regulatory landscapes. By remaining at the vanguard of industry trends, market shifts, and regulatory changes, Capitalixe stands as a thought leader and trusted advisor in payments and banking, equipped to steer businesses through strategic challenges and opportunities. 


What are your interests outside of Capitalixe? 

Being a mom is my passion job. I cherish the small, precious moments and the valuable life lessons I share with my daughter through fun and exploration.

I am an avid consumer of podcasts and audiobooks. They are my go-to for diving into all sorts of topics to satisfy my curiosity and thirst for knowledge. 

Huge fan of all forms of art, but music holds a special place in my heart. I revel in singing, dancing, and going to concerts and music festivals. 

Despite not really enjoying airports or flying, my wanderlust remains strong. I love immersing myself in new cultures and experiencing alternative ways of life. Most incredible travel experience so far: Japan. 

I’m forever a summer lover and the beach is my happy place.


Want to connect with Luisa?

You’ll always find her behind Capitalixe’s social media profiles, but she’s also quite active on a personal level. If you’re interested in discussing all things fintech marketing, feel free to reach out to Luisa on LinkedIn.

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