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Connecting you with the world's leading financial institutions

Searching, negotiating, and maintaining multiple relationships is tedious and costly. We work with a variety of service providers who are experts in supporting underserviced industries, ensuring your time is not wasted on lengthy application processes.

Providing effortless solutions to complex challenges

Our team collaborates with clients and partners alike to deliver quality, long-lasting relationships which stand the test of time. Fintech has brought a wealth of products and services in recent years, matching these opportunities to our clients’ needs is at the core of the Capitalixe ethos.

Future-proof financial services built on innovation and collaboration

Our company has developed strong relationships with key decision-makers at leading financial institutions. This gives us an edge and allows us to negotiate better terms and more competitive pricing for our clients, whilst ensuring a first-class service. We are constantly engaging new partners and expanding our services with exciting new products to complement our existing solutions.

Over the years we have assisted some of the world’s leading companies in their financial and operational challenges. We understand the difficulties faced by many high-risk businesses and always deliver tailor-made payments and banking solutions that work.

A simple and hassle-free process

We empower businesses with complete access to our dedicated support team and global payment solutions via a quick and easy process.

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We will work with you to gather information about your business needs.
We will develop the ultimate strategy based on your requirements.
We will propose the best solutions we have available for you.
We will connect you with our trusted providers and assist you at every step.
We will work with you to gather information about your business needs.
We will develop the ultimate strategy based on your requirements.
We will propose the best solutions we have available for you.
We will connect you with our trusted providers and assist you at every step.

Frequently asked questions

A multi-currency account in your business name that allows you to receive and distributed payments with ease in over 40 different currencies. Issue additional sub-accounts in your customers’ names, enabling for faster settlements and withdrawals. Enable your customers to pay in their local currency and avoid additional conversion costs whilst you expand into new markets. Supported currencies include USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, HKD, CHF, ZAR and many more.

Our team works closely with virtual IBAN providers to deliver reliable banking services for companies registered outside the EU/EEA. We have assisted clients in offshore jurisdictions such as Dubai, Hong Kong, Seychelles, Mauritius, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Cayman Islands and many more. We have built an extensive network of tier-1 banking providers that support companies in high-risk countries.

Traditional banks impose many rules on companies when it comes to merchant account opening. Capitalixe provides access to online merchant account services like payment processing and credit card acceptance just as banks do, just faster and as secure. We can help you get competitive rates, improve your business cash flow through speedy authorisations and secure services. By offering several payment options, you can keep customers happy with a frictionless checkout.

Reach customers around the world using a variety of features that a payment gateway offers. Via a single connection, you can access a Virtual Terminal feature, alternative payment methods, crypto payment processing, credit and debit card processing. Integrating payments is as simple as it can get with well-documented plugins for all major eCommerce platforms.

Traditional cross border payment systems are slow, inefficient, and expensive. Crypto cross border payments are driving innovation and efficiency in this space. Through our cross-border money transfer solution, sending funds oversees has never been easier, or more secure. Enjoy same day settlement – all while avoiding the high costs associated with sending money across borders.

We have connected several offshore private banks with reliable correspondent banking providers, helping them gain access to much needed international payment rails and foreign currency services. This service is offered via a multi-currency dedicated IBAN in your company name, that can make and receive 3rd party payments as well as having access to competitive foreign exchange rates. All client funds within the virtual IBAN are held in segregated accounts with Tier-1 UK banking counterparties. Most popular currencies include USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, HKD, AUD, CAD and many more.

Streamline your large-scale, international payments with advanced mass payments capabilities. Our international liquidity network gives you access to over 90 currencies in over 120 different countries, so you can process international payments in bulk without having to open local currency accounts. Via either an API integration or web-based platform, each solution is tailored to meet your existing process. We have relationships with a host of banking partners and wholesale FX providers so you can gain from more competitive rates and faster settlements.

Our team are specialists in commercial foreign exchange with vast industry experience. We offer a range of FX services with deep levels of liquidity aimed at corporate and institutional clients to manage FX risk both for major and exotic currencies. Through our panel of forex providers, we have access to spot contracts, forward contracts, market orders, swaps, vanilla options and more. In addition to our deliverable FX services, we can also assist clients with large-value OTC crypto trading at competitive spreads. Whether you are buying or selling BTC, ETH, USDT or any other cryptocurrencies and stable-coins, we have the right provider for you.

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Excellent and efficient service, would highly recommend.

Head of Payments in the Gambling Industry

We were struggling to find a good solution for ages until we came across Capitalixe, they literally helped save us so much time

COO – Crypto Industry

Capitalixe helped connect us to valuable solutions that helped us improve our payment processes and also increase our capabilities, they are always professional and quick to respond.

Head of Banking & Financial Institutions

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