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Q&A: Elena Kovacheva, Senior Consultant

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What is your role at Capitalixe?

As a Senior Payments and Banking Consultant and proud member of Capitalixe’s exceptional sales team, I am responsible for providing strategic guidance and support to clients navigating the intricate world of fintech, and I optimize their payment and banking processes. My primary objective is to understand the unique needs and challenges of each client, and develop tailored solutions that align with their business objectives.

My role also involves building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients and partners. I engage in effective communication and collaboration to ensure a comprehensive understanding of their requirements, while also fostering trust and reliability in our consulting services.

In addition to client-facing responsibilities, I actively contribute to the growth and development of our team and organization. This involves sharing knowledge and best practices with colleagues, participating in internal training programs, and staying informed about emerging technologies and industry regulations.


What does a typical workday look like for you?

A typical workday in my role as a senior consultant at Capitalixe is both dynamic and demanding.

My day begins by reviewing my calendar and identifying any scheduled meetings or client engagements that are planned for the day. This allows me to prepare adequately and ensure that I am well-prepared to provide valuable insights and guidance during these interactions.

Once I have a clear understanding of my schedule, I proceed to plan out my day by prioritising my tasks. I assess the urgency and importance of each item on my to-do list, allowing me to effectively allocate my time and resources.

A significant portion of my workday is dedicated to engaging with clients. I maintain regular communication with our existing client base, ensuring that their needs and concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. This involves responding to inquiries, providing updates on ongoing projects, and delivering progress reports on the initiatives we are spearheading for their organizations.

Also, I actively seek new business opportunities through various channels and sources. This involves conducting market research, identifying potential prospects, and reaching out to key decision-makers to present our offerings and discuss how our expertise can address their specific pain points.

Throughout the day, I engage in continuous learning and professional development. Given the ever-evolving nature of the fintech industry, it is crucial to stay abreast of the latest trends, innovations, and regulatory developments.


What inspired you to join our fintech consulting team specialising in payments and banking solutions?

What captivated me about Capitalixe was the opportunity to transition my extensive sales experience into a completely new industry. Having achieved considerable success in my previous roles, I sought a fresh challenge that would enable me to leverage my skills and expertise in a different context. Fintech, with its rapidly evolving landscape and transformative potential, seemed like the ideal sector for me to explore and contribute to.

The prospect of working in a consultancy renowned for its expertise in fintech was also a source of inspiration for the transition. Capitalixe‘s sterling reputation, built on a foundation of delivering exceptional client service and cutting-edge solutions, motivated me to join a team that is at the forefront of driving innovation in the industry. Collaborating with highly skilled professionals who possess diverse backgrounds and experiences creates an environment of continuous learning and growth, enabling great personal and professional development.

Another appealing aspect for me is Capitalixe’s flexible work culture. Being a working mom with two kids, balancing work and family life is key. Capitalixe’s approach allows me to effectively manage both my professional duties and parenting responsibilities. This integration of personal and professional life empowers me to be fully engaged both at work and at home. This support makes me enjoy my role even more, and be at my best on both sides of the spectrum.


What are the most rewarding aspects of your role at Capitalixe?

I greatly value the opportunity to build close working relationships with our clients. Through regular interactions and collaborations, I am able to develop a deep understanding of their unique needs, challenges, and aspirations in the fintech payments and banking industry.

One of the highlights of my role is the chance to attend various industry conferences and events. I’m doing this Q&A as I fly back home from iGB Live in Amsterdam, actually. These gatherings provide an invaluable platform for networking and knowledge-sharing with industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators. Being able to meet clients face-to-face in such dynamic and engaging settings not only strengthens our professional connections but also enables me to stay abreast of the latest trends, advancements, and best practices in the ever-evolving fintech landscape.

The continuous learning and growth opportunities within my role are highly rewarding. Working in the fintech domain, which is characterised by rapid technological advancements and disruptive innovations, allows me to constantly expand my knowledge and expertise.


What challenges do you face when providing payments and banking consulting services for high-risk industries?

High-risk industries pose unique challenges due to their distinctive characteristics and regulatory complexities. Although we possess exceptional capabilities and solutions, there are instances where we encounter limitations in fully meeting our clients’ requirements. These limitations can stem from factors beyond our immediate control, such as jurisdictional regulations, intricate payment flows, or compliance frameworks.

At Capitalixe, we recognise the critical importance of delivering tailored and effective payment and banking solutions for high-risk industries. Therefore, we continuously strive to enhance our offerings and expand our capabilities to address the evolving needs of our high-risk clients. Our proactive approach entails closely monitoring the regulatory landscape and engaging in collaborative partnerships with industry stakeholders. By staying ahead of emerging trends and compliance standards, we can position our clients to seise new opportunities as they arise.

While we may not always possess an immediate remedy for every requirement, we remain confident that our ongoing efforts will yield suitable solutions for our clients in the near future. Our dedicated team is committed to research and development, diligently working towards providing the necessary solutions within a few months or even sooner. We understand the urgency of the challenges faced by high-risk industries, and we are fully invested in delivering outcomes that meet their specific needs and objectives.


What excites you the most about the advancements in fintech and their impact on payments and banking?

I am deeply thrilled by the rapid advancements occurring within the fintech industry and the profound impact they have on the landscape of payments and banking systems. Among the various facets that ignite my enthusiasm, one particular aspect stands out: the extraordinary ability to provide our clients with seamless and highly efficient solutions, particularly those who have encountered challenges in identifying suitable options within the market. This ability to bridge the gap and alleviate their struggles is truly remarkable.

The driving force behind this remarkable progress lies in the utilization of cutting-edge technologies and the application of novel approaches within the fintech sphere. By embracing these innovative tools and methods, we are able to witness a significant and positive transformation taking place within the industry. This transformation not only enhances the efficiency of payment and banking systems but also fosters increased inclusivity, ensuring that previously underserved individuals and sectors can now access and benefit from the financial services they require.


What motivates you to exceed expectations for your clients in the payments and banking industry, even in the face of obstacles?

I am driven by a profound belief that every industry deserves equitable access to efficient and reliable banking services in order to fuel their growth and success. This conviction serves as the bedrock of my motivation to consistently exceed expectations for my clients, even in the face of daunting obstacles. Whether it’s regulatory challenges, technological complexities, or evolving customer demands, I recognise that these hurdles can present significant roadblocks for businesses. However, I firmly believe that no obstacle is insurmountable when it comes to achieving financial inclusion and empowering enterprises to thrive.

To exceed client expectations, I take the time to thoroughly assess their specific needs, aspirations, and limitations, and leverage my industry knowledge, coupled with my commitment to staying on top of the latest trends and developments, to identify innovative solutions that address their unique requirements. Being an expert in tailored consulting services empowers me to explore a multitude of options and uncover custom solutions that align perfectly with their objectives.

My dedication to clients comes from the genuine satisfaction I derive from witnessing their growth and success. By going above and beyond their expectations, I am not only building strong professional relationships but also contributing to the overall advancement of the industry. This collective progress fuels my determination to tackle obstacles head-on and find innovative ways to deliver exceptional results. While the journey may sometimes be arduous, I approach challenges with an optimistic mindset and an unwavering belief that there is always a way to help our clients thrive.


What are the key insights or lessons learned from working at Capitalixe?

One of the key insights and valuable lessons I have gained from my experience working at Capitalixe is the significant emphasis placed on the power of effective teamwork. Supported by a culture of collaboration and innovation, teamwork is the key to achieving exceptional results in the fintech payments and banking solutions sector. The collective expertise, dedication, and support of my colleagues have not only enhanced my professional growth but have also positioned me to provide the highest level of service to our valued clients.


What do you believe sets Capitalixe apart and makes it so unique?

In my view, a key factor lies in the diverse team that Capitalixe has cultivated, comprising highly accomplished and strong-minded women who bring their expertise to the forefront. Capitalixe standsout distinguished by its female-driven leadership that sets it apart in an industry predominantly dominated by men. I truly believe the remarkable diversity cultivated in our team has contributed to Capitalixe’s impressive growth in just four short years.

Our accomplishments and recognition within the industry speak volumes about our success as well. Capitalixe has been honoured with numerous nominations for prestigious fintech awards, showcasing our industry-wide impact and influence, and our Chief Growth Officer, Lissele, has personally received multiple accolades that further validate our exceptional performance and reinforce our position as a leading player in the field.

These factors combined demonstrate our ability to thrive and make a significant impact in the fintech and payments sector.


What are your interests outside of Capitalixe?

Outside of Capitalixe, I’m interested in engaging in various activities that allow me to unwind and maintain a well-rounded lifestyle. Spending quality time with my children, friends, and family is of utmost importance to me. These cherished moments allow me to create lasting memories and foster meaningful relationships, which I believe are fundamental to leading a fulfilling life.

My physical well-being is also a priority and I regularly dedicate time to fitness by going to the gym. Engaging in physical exercise not only helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle but also boosts my mental clarity and overall productivity. I firmly believe that nurturing both the mind and body is essential for personal growth and success.

In terms of leisure, I find the experience of savouring a well-crafted wine to be truly enjoyable and have a penchant for indulging in a glass on occasion. #responsibledrinker


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