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Lissele Pratt shortlisted for Young Businesswoman of the Year 2022

Lissele Pratt selected finalist for the Young Businesswoman of the Year 2022 at the Great British Businesswoman Awards

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Lissele Pratt, Co-Founder and COO at Capitalixe, was shortlisted for “Young Businesswoman of the Year” at the Great British Businesswoman Awards 2022.

This is one of the most prestigious awards in the business world, and being a finalist is a testament to Lissele’s exceptional achievements. Her nomination is a recognition of her hard work and determination, and a validation of the impact she has made in the business world. Lissele’s profile has been previously recognised with titles like Forbes 30 under 30, Techround 29 under 29, Women in Finance Awards Finalist, and others.

Her dedication and hard work in the business world have earned her recognition and praise from industry experts and peers. With her innovative ideas and strategic thinking, she has made a significant impact in her field and established herself as a successful businesswoman. 

Lissele’s journey as a young entrepreneur began when she identified a gap in the market and founded her own company at just 23. Since then, she has been on a mission to disrupt the industry and bring positive change. Under her leadership, Capitalixe has grown rapidly and now operates globally, serving underserved industries with innovative banking and payment solutions. 

Lissele’s unwavering commitment to excellence and her passion for empowering young women in business have also made her a role model for many. She is a strong advocate for diversity and equality in the workplace and has created a lot of awareness around these values through speaking engagements and featured articles in leading publications such as Entrepreneur, The Fintech Times, Finextra, Fintech Futures, among others.  


Young Businesswoman of the Year

In this digital era, youthful business leaders are tech-savvy, socially aware game-changers who bring an audacious energy to the business landscape, sparking fresh competition and imaginative concepts. 

Nominees for the “Young Businesswoman of the Year” award, who must be 30 years or younger by July 19th, harnessed these qualities to attain a remarkable level of business achievement at a young age. Their tale will embody grit and resolve, highlighting instances of grasped opportunity and nimble reactions to the numerous challenges faced by those driven to succeed. 

Held last Thursday evening, 26th January, the Great British Businesswoman Awards has brought together the 2022 cohort of finalists, judges, partners and special guests to recognise, celebrate and support women in business, champion their peers and advocates, and help foster the next generation of female business leaders. 

Lissele Pratt was shortlisted alongside talented women in business such as Rachel Thomas, Natalie Porter, Jade Cohen & Brittany Harris, Millie Goodwin, Chiara Macarti Speranza, Nipuni Karunaratne, Lucie Rowley, Megan Gamble, and Laura Cooper-Jackson, who ultimately took home the award. 

The awards took place for the first time virtually last year, but the organisers made the event bigger and better this year by holding it in person at the De Vere Connaught Rooms in London. While Lissele was in Thailand and could not attend, she was well-represented by her team at the ceremony. 

Capitalixe team at the Great British Businesswoman Awards ceremony 2022
Capitalixe team at the Great British Businesswoman Awards ceremony 2022 (left to right): Elena Kovacheva, Caroline Moreno and Daniah Hafez.


About the Awards 

The Great British Businesswoman Awards is an annual celebration that recognises the accomplishments of women in the business world. The event gathers prominent business leaders, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to acknowledge the achievements of female business professionals. 

This year, 160 women have been selected as finalists for the second edition of the awards, including categories such as Construction Businesswoman, Social Enterprise Businesswoman, and Diversity Initiative of the Year. One of these finalists will be named the Great British Businesswoman of the Year, a title won last year by Leena Nair from Unilever. 

The awards were established to highlight the inspiring female innovators and leaders in various industries. Despite this recognition, the statistics still indicate a disparity between the number of men and women in top corporate positions. 

Studies estimate that if women held equal representation in leading businesses, it could add £250 billion to the UK economy. The awards aim to play a role in promoting the significance of having more women in prominent corporate roles, ultimately tapping into that untapped potential. 

“Celebrating and supporting women in business is not just for other women – if we want to see more women leaders in business, it will be strong collaboration between us all that achieves it. We’ve created these awards to reflect that, with categories honouring male advocates, corporate initiatives and teams that are empowering business women and championing equality and diversity”, said awards founder Francesca James.

Finalists and winners are encouraged to continue their involvement with the program after the awards ceremony by joining the growing alumni network, where they can connect with previous participants, learn, and exchange ideas.

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