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ICE London: A Call for New Payments and Banking Solutions

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The recent ICE London event, one of the largest global gaming events, was a hub of activity and a showcase of the latest trends and developments in the gaming and betting industry. It was a great opportunity for industry experts, fintech firms, and businesses to come together and share their insights, ideas, and experiences.

The gaming and gambling industry has experienced a major shift in recent years, with the advent of new technology and changing consumer preferences. ICE London 2023 shed light on the emerging trends in this industry, and the need for alternative payments and banking solutions that cater to its changing needs.

From this gathering, several key topics have emerged that provide exciting opportunities for fintech payments and banking solutions tailored to this dynamic and rapidly-growing market. In this blog post, we will explore each of these topics and how they represent new opportunities for fintech companies looking to make their mark in the gaming and gambling industry.


Expanding into New Markets

One of the major highlights of the event was the growing interest in new markets, particularly

Southeast Asia (SEA), Latin America (Latam) and Africa. Clients are increasingly targeting these markets with a growing demand for alternative payment methods (APMs) and local payment channels.

This will not only provide a more seamless experience for players but will also help ensure that transactions are secure and efficient.

Such expansion presents a significant opportunity for fintech payments and banking solutions to offer tailored services to these new markets, and the need for these services highlights the growing importance of serving a global audience, catering to different cultural and financial needs.


Rising Popularity of Crypto Payments

Another notable trend at the conference was the growing popularity of crypto payments in the industry. Many businesses are now looking to offer crypto pay-ins and pay-outs to players, and there is a growing demand for crypto bank accounts that can receive payments in multiple coins.

With more players seeking the benefits of using digital currencies, there is an increasing demand for services that support these transactions. This highlights the need for gambling and gaming providers to adapt to the changing preferences of their customers and offer a range of payment options to suit different needs.

This shift towards crypto payments highlights the need for new payment solutions that make it easy for businesses to handle and manage these payments, while ensuring fast and secure transactions for players.



Open Banking: A Growing Trend

Open Banking was another area that received a lot of attention at ICE London 2023, with many businesses expressing their curiosity and interest in exploring this new technology. Open banking enables players to securely and easily share their financial data with third-party providers, allowing for a more seamless and streamlined experience

Fintechs that provide open banking solutions to the gambling and gaming industry can help businesses offer a more seamless and user-friendly experience to players, while also reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring data security.

Companies in the gambling and gaming industry will need to be aware of this trend and take steps to integrate open banking into their payments and banking solutions.


Brexit: Challenges for European Licensed Companies

Another challenge that was highlighted at ICE London 2023 was the difficulties that European licensed companies are facing in opening bank accounts with UK partners since Brexit.

This is a significant challenge for companies that operate in both the UK and Europe, and it highlights the need for solutions that can provide a more flexible and scalable approach, especially for companies that operate across multiple regions and countries.

Payments and banking solutions can help industry businesses overcome this challenge and provide them with the support they need to continue their operations in the UK.


The Rise of iGaming

We also saw a growing trend towards online gaming, with more and more players looking to enjoy their favourite games from the comfort of their homes. Games that were once mainly live, such as poker and blackjack, are now becoming more popular online, with players able to see the dealer live and chat with other players in real-time.

To meet this demand, companies will need to provide a user-friendly and API-connected experience, as players are likely to abandon the checkout area if the process is too difficult or cumbersome.

This trend highlights the need for fintech firms to provide user-friendly and API-connected solutions that make it easy for businesses to offer great online gaming experiences to players.


Multi-currency IBANs remain a top requirement

Another important highlight at the event was the need for multi-currency IBANs. It continues to be one most popular solutions in gaming and gambling, enabling companies to receive payments from players in multiple currencies and bringing other significant benefits to the industry. The ability to use a single IBAN for multiple currencies can simplify the process of managing multiple bank accounts and reduce the administrative burden of conducting cross-border transactions. While it can improve the efficiency of payment processing, it allows for faster and more seamless transactions – which leads to a more positive overall experience for customers and a more competitive offering for operators.

By leveraging multi-currency IBANs, the gaming and gambling industry can remain at the forefront of technological advancements and continue to thrive in an increasingly digital and globalised market.


Team Capitalixe at ICE London 2023
Elena Kovacheva and Caroline Moreno from the Capitalixe team at ICE London 2023


Final Thoughts

The key takeaways from the ICE London conference demonstrate the ongoing evolution of the gambling and gaming industry and the opportunities that lie ahead. It was a great conference (great fun too!) that provided valuable insights into the future of the gambling and gaming industry.

From expanding into new markets and the growing popularity of crypto transactions, to the need for more user-friendly and API-connected gaming experiences, these trends highlight the importance of offering flexible and innovative payment and banking solutions that can keep pace with the changing needs of the industry.

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