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Lissele Pratt Becomes a Listed Speaker at The Heard

A Celebrated Speaker

An official member of the Forbes Business Council, Lissele Pratt is a prolific contributor to multiple prestigious publications and a sought-after guest in podcasts, also hosting her own “Success Secrets” series.

The Co-founder and CGO of Capitalixe is a celebrated speaker, mentor to women in fintech, and an influential figure for diversity and inclusion within the industry.

Now, Lissele is taking her influence to the next level to share her knowledge and experience on a larger scale.


Listing at The Heard

By joining The Heard, Lissele is amplifying the mission to uplift and showcase the voices of women in fintech. She’s aiming to drive meaningful change, make impactful connections, inspire the community, and enrich fintech conversations with her unique perspective.

Speaking Topics

Lissele Pratt brings a wealth of knowledge to her speaking engagements, covering a diverse range of topics tailored for those interested in the latest fintech news, trends, and innovations. Her expertise in international payments and currency exchange is invaluable for businesses and individuals navigating the complexities of global finance.

As a thought leader, Lissele’s insights into the future of payments are essential for anyone looking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving fintech sector. She places a strong emphasis on financial inclusion, addressing the critical need for accessible financial services for all, making her talks highly relevant for industry professionals and policy makers alike.

For entrepreneurs, particularly women in business, Lissele offers a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. Her guidance on thriving as a young entrepreneur is particularly impactful, providing practical advice and inspiration for the next generation of business leaders.

Lissele’s commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion is a central theme in her talks, where she promotes a more inclusive and equitable corporate culture. Her sessions on leadership and personal branding are a must for professionals aiming to enhance their leadership skills and build a strong personal brand in the competitive business world.

Additionally, her expertise in sales and business development is invaluable for businesses seeking growth and expansion strategies. Her practical advice and innovative approaches offer a roadmap to success in sales and business development.

Key topics:

  • Fintech news and trends
  • International payments and currency exchange
  • Future of payments
  • Financial inclusion
  • Entrepreneurship, and women in business
  • Thriving as a young entrepreneur
  • Equality, diversity & inclusion
  • Leadership and building your personal brand
  • Sales & business development
By addressing these key topics, Lissele’s speaking engagements offer critical insights and strategies for professionals across the fintech industry and beyond.
In search of a voice that resonates with innovation and expertise in fintech?
Bring Lissele’s unique perspective to your platform!


Lissele is based in London and is available for in-person and virtual opportunities. She can be flexible for the right opportunity.

She is best contacted through

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