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Success Secrets: Igniting Business Inspiration

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Unveiling the Secrets of Today’s Trailblazers 

I am ecstatic to bring to you my very own Success Secrets podcast, powered by Capitalixe, and give you a front-row seat to the exceptional journeys of remarkable individuals. Every other week, I’ll be your guide as we unravel the tales of entrepreneurs, visionaries, and pioneers who have defied the odds and scaled great heights. 

Through Success Secrets, I aim to emphasise the profound impact of sharing success stories. Triumphs in the business world are seldom achieved without obstacles, and the learnings gathered along the way are invaluable. By illuminating these narratives, we can empower one another, foster a culture of shared wisdom, and promote mutual growth. In doing so, we make the business landscape more vibrant, robust, and inclusive. 

Every episode of Success Secrets takes you on an inspiring journey alongside extraordinary individuals who share their unique stories, indispensable strategies, and treasured keys to success. The lineup for the inaugural season of the podcast, dedicated to women in fintech, boasts renowned trailblazers including Emma Kisby, CEO at Cogo EMEA, Kimberley Waldron, the innovative founder of SkyParlour, the dynamic Jamie Haerewa, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Agile Human Solutions, and the esteemed Nadia Edwards-Dashti, CCO at Harrington Starr, among our distinguished guests. 


See official announcement of the first four guests for season one.


Amplifying Voices and Victories to Empower Dreams

Success Secrets stems from my experiences as a guest on numerous leading podcasts, and unyielding passion to disseminate knowledge and spark inspiration within others. This podcast not only profoundly echoes my purpose and mission, but it also magnifies my ongoing efforts as a mentor and a female leader in the fintech industry. 

Over the past eight years, my journey in the financial services sector has seen me break barriers and glass ceilings. From starting my first business at the tender age of 16 to building a seven-figure consultancy within three years, my resilience and determination have earned me numerous accolades, including spots on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Finance list, the TechRound 29 Under 29 list, the Women in Fintech Powerlist by Innovate Finance, and the esteemed title of “Rising Star of the Year” at UK Fintech Awards 2023, to name a few.

Success Secrets is an opportunity to highlight similar success stories, reaffirming my commitment to inspire others to chase their dreams. I will give voice to individuals from diverse backgrounds who have walked the road less traveled and emerged victorious, echoing my enduring resolve to bring about change and innovation. 

In this podcast, I will continue to advocate for diversity and inclusion in finance, amplifying the voices of those who have overcome barriers in their professional lives, aiming to empower listeners to embrace their potential and unlock their own definitions of success. 




Setting the Stage for Success

Set your reminders for Success Secrets which will make its grand debut in July 2023. 

New episodes will air on a biweekly basis, ensuring a consistent stream of inspiring narratives, invaluable insights, and timeless wisdom. I’ve designed this podcast to be a beacon of inspiration, highlighting the resilience, determination, and triumphs of individuals who dared to dream and turn their dreams into reality.

So, buckle up and join me on an enlightening journey into the heart of success. Get ready to discover strategies that can empower you, stories that can inspire you, and secrets that can guide you toward your own path to triumph. 

As the launch date fast approaches, I invite you to follow Capitalixe and myself on social media for updates on the podcast launch and new episode releases. 

The countdown to Success Secrets has begun. Stay tuned! 

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