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Shining Twice at the Business Awards UK 2024

Double Win in Fintech Excellence

Kicking off the year with a bang, Capitalixe has already clinched significant accolades at the prestigious Business Awards UK 2024. Celebrating our dedication to innovation, commitment, and leadership within the fintech community, we are ecstatic to announce our double victory, underlining our impactful contributions to the fintech landscape.

Our Co-founder and CGO, Lissele Pratt, has been honoured with the Fintech Businesswoman of the Year award, while Capitalixe has been awarded the Fintech Employer Award.

More than achievements, these awards represent our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in fintech.


Lissele Pratt: Redefining Fintech Leadership

The ‘Fintech Businesswoman of the Year‘ award, is a recognition of Lissele’s unwavering dedication and innovative spirit in the fintech sector. She’s a champion for diversity and inclusion, a mentor, a podcast host, a speaker and a serial entrepreneur with a string of recognitions for her expertise and industry contributions. Her passion for promoting remote work flexibility and her visionary leadership have distinguished her as a key influencer and business leader. Her achievements underscore her role in not only advancing Capitalixe but also in shaping the future of fintech. Lissele’s double nomination at Business Awards UK, including the ‘Remote Working Businesswoman of the Year,’ further emphasizes her commitment to progressive values and the transformative impact of her work.


Capitalixe: Championing Diversity

We proudly stand at the forefront of the fintech industry, not just for our groundbreaking payment solutions and banking solutions but also for our dedication to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace. Achieving over 50% female leadership at the C-level, we are setting new standards for diversity and inclusion within the sector. This is a testament to our efforts in creating equal opportunities and growth and development for everyone. This award proves that a commitment to diversity is not just good ethics—it’s good business.

In tandem with Lissele’s individual accolades, Capitalixe has been honoured with the ‘Fintech Employer Award.’ This recognition reflects our collective efforts to foster a progressive, inclusive work culture that champions diversity, inclusion, and work-life balance. With over 50% female C-level leaders, we’re pioneering diversity and inclusion standards in the sector, affirming our dedication to equal opportunities and growth for everyone. Our success as leaders in the fintech industry is inextricably linked to our vibrant and supportive workplace. This award is a nod to our commitment to creating a nurturing environment for our team, and validates that prioritizing diversity isn’t just good ethics—it’s good for the business.


Driving the Future of Fintech with Inclusion and Innovation

As we celebrate these achievements, we are also energized for the road ahead. These recognitions fuel our resolve to continue breaking new ground, driving innovation, and championing the values that have brought us this far.

More than trophies on our shelf, these awards are a reflection of our journey, our ethos, and our aspirations. For Lissele, they highlight her influential leadership and innovative mindset. For Capitalixe, they underscore our commitment to workplace excellence in the fintech sector. Collectively, they reinforce our leadership in fintech innovation, drawing talent, clients, and partners aligned with our vision for an inclusive and dynamic financial future. Most importantly, awards like these allow us to champion the changes we wish to see in the world of finance.

Our journey is far from over. As we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in fintech, we remain focused on leveraging our platform to advocate for meaningful change, drive technological innovation, and promote a culture of inclusivity.


See the full list of winners at the Business Awards UK.


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