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Capitalixe Founders listed in Forbes 30 Under 30

The co-founders of Capitalixe, Ivan Kovachev and Lissele Pratt, have been recognised as honourees in the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 Finance – Europe 2021 list. This year’s list celebrates young visionaries who are “guiding and democratizing global money flows,” which aptly fits their business mission. Earning a spot on Forbes is a significant achievement that underscores Ivan and Lissele’s contributions to the fintech industry.


About Capitalixe

Capitalixe is a consulting firm specialising in fintech payments and banking solutions for medium to high-risk industries. We understand that managing multiple financial relationships can be cumbersome and costly for businesses. That’s why we connect companies with the world’s leading financial institutions, saving them valuable time and effort. Our wide range of offerings includes multicurrency IBANs, assistance for offshore-based companies, merchant services, payment gateways, cross-border payments, correspondent banking, mass international payments, and wholesale foreign exchange.


Pioneering Efforts in Fintech

Ivan Kovachev, with his deep expertise in economics and finance, has been instrumental in developing the strategic direction and financial management structure of the business. His vision has been crucial in establishing Capitalixe as a leader in the fintech space.

Lissele Praat, an influential female figure in fintech, has been a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion in the industry. Her leadership has not only propelled Capitalixe to new heights, but has also paved the way for more inclusive practices in fintech.


A Future of Inclusive Financial Services

The Forbes 30 Under 30 Finance list for 2021 doesn’t just spotlight individual brilliance; it marks a significant milestone for Capitalixe and the broader fintech sector. This prestigious recognition amplifies the transformative influence Capitalixe has exerted since its inception in late 2019. Co-founders Ivan Kovachev and Lissele Pratt have consistently showcased a commitment to innovation, excellence, and inclusivity, principles that are now validated by this esteemed accolade.

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