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Capitalixe Announces 140% Growth in 2023

Fintech Consultancy Capitalixe Announces Impressive 140% Growth in 2023


The leading fintech consultancy, celebrates a 140% revenue increase, strategic expansion into new markets, streamlined lead generation, and notable advancements in innovative financial technology solutions.

LONDON, Feb. 21, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Capitalixe, an award-winning fintech consultancy specialising in providing alternative payments and banking solutions, proudly announces noteworthy growth achievements for the fiscal year of 2023. Celebrating its 5th year in business, the company achieved a remarkable 140% increase in revenue and successfully expanded its footprint into new geographic areas.

Executing a focused growth plan, Capitalixe streamlined lead generation and client acquisition by intentionally reducing total lead volume by 47%. This approach optimised resource allocation, resulting in a notable 100% increase in lead conversion and a 44% rise in closed deals.

Beyond financial accomplishments, Capitalixe strategically broadened its presence in key markets throughout 2023, now encompassing regions such as South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and South and Eastern Europe. This expansion positions the consultancy to deliver a more comprehensive and globally impactful service.

Lissele Pratt, Co-founder & CGO, has been instrumental in crafting the strategic direction of our company, playing a pivotal role in its substantial growth. Emphasising brand exposure, thought leadership, and active industry participation, Pratt stated, “Our journey in 2023 has been exhilarating, not just financially but also in solidifying our position as a thought leader within the fintech sector. We remain committed to excellence and innovation in the fintech arena.” Pratt’s strategic acumen extends beyond financial growth, focusing on building a team with strong values and collaborative spirit, crucial for driving the company’s success.

Capitalixe’s diversification into new services, including the introduction of new, cutting-edge financial technology, also played a pivotal role in its growth. The company experienced a 225% increase in engagement within the gambling and gaming industry and a 33% expansion in the crypto sector, showcasing its commitment to integrating the latest technological advancements. Entry into the luxury goods sector demonstrated Capitalixe’s strategic approach to exploring high-value industries, contributing significantly to revenue diversification and enhanced market adaptability.

Ivan Kovachev, Co-founder & CEO, and driving force behind Capitalixe’s technological advancements, underscored the role of innovation and technology in their growth. He said, “Innovation has been the cornerstone of our growth strategy. By utilising emerging technologies and fostering a culture of continuous learning, we’ve pushed the boundaries in fintech,” he explained. “Our plans to enter into emerging technologies will solidify our position as industry pioneers, ensuring Capitalixe remains a trusted partner for clients seeking cutting-edge solutions in financial services.”

The company eagerly anticipates sustained growth and adaptation in the dynamic financial technology landscape.



Press Release published in multiple media outlets, including Market Watch and Global Fintech Innovations Canada.

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