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What you need to know about crypto-friendly banks

Crypto-Friendly Banks: What You Need to Know

Crypto friendly banks are financial institutions that are willing to work with cryptocurrency-related businesses and individuals.
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Wholesale Forex: Beyond Retail Trading

Wholesale Foreign Exchange is a specialised FX segment offering institutional trading tools for global currency risk management and financial optimisation.
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10-Step Guide to Regulatory Compliance

This guide offers a step-by-step approach to navigating regulations and ensure operational compliance for high-risk businesses.
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Fintech Glossary: Key Terms and Buzzwords

This glossary offers essential knowledge, empowering financial professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts to navigate the world of fintech.
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Q&A: Caroline Moreno, Business Development

Meet Caroline Moreno, our Head of Business Development. She ensures seamless client experiences and leads the sales team at Capitalixe.
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Success Secrets: Igniting Business Inspiration

Ignite your dreams with Success Secrets! The new podcast by Lissele Pratt powered by Capitalixe, unveils remarkable trailblazers and their journeys to success.
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What to Expect in the Future of Fintech

The fintech industry, poised for significant growth and transformation, is reshaping finance, payments, and value chains.
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